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Link Love: 05/20/2011

Hihihi Beautiful People! How was your week? And so it is Friday in which I share with you a curated list of links culled from the internets, sometimes to educate, sometimes to entertain, but mostly to cheer the weekdays out with a bang. Enjoyyyyyy!

How to Quite Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change The World. C’mon people, this is exactly the kind of story we should be hearing more of! I can’t wait to read your blog post about how you changed your life.

Jon Morrow also tells the story of severe congenital muscular dystrophy and how his mother’s lifetime of fighting for him taught him how to fight for his own ideas.

If you want to succeed, you can’t wait for the world to give you attention the way a cripple waits for food stamps to arrive in the mail. You have to be a warrior. You have to attack with the madness of a mother whose child is surrounded by an army of predators.

Because, let’s face it, your ideas are your children. Their future is as tender and delicate as that of any newborn.

So burn it up, baby.

Your ideas are counting on you.


Brock Davis made a piece of artwork everyday for 365 concentration days in 2009. And the results are incredible.

I love the concept of the blog Reclaiming Delphi so, so, so much! To clarify, Gaia is one of the primordial deities of Ancient Greece, and her place of worship was taken over by the male god Apollo. Apollo gave high priestesses on Gaia’s worship ground the power to make prophecies and generally advise kings from all around. Instead of strengthening a connection to Gaia however, the people switched over to worshipping Apollo. Boo!

If you’re an aspiring fashion designer, or just plain hardcore about your love of textiles and collar styles, the Fashionary notebook  might be for you.

For all you lovers of beautiful kitchens, The Yvestown Blog takes the cake.

Strange but smart: The Rack Trap essentially turns your bra into a pocket. This would be really good for going clubbing, or keeping your keys when you go for a run.

Ok, get your mind out of the gutter for a second. Not Martha’s surprise balls look like such a fun party favour to make. Time consuming, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Macarons are beautiful and gorgeous and lovely. Especially these matcha ones, with white chocolate in the middle. And because you obviously want to know how to make them now, even though pastry chefs train for years to get it right, here’s a seemingly easy to follow recipe.

The 6 Keys to Being Awesome At Everything doesn’t actually tell you anything you didn’t already know, except for one novel idea: ritualize practise. Says the article author:

Will and discipline are wildly overrated. As the researcher Roy Baumeister has found, none of us have very much of it.

The best way to insure you’ll take on difficult tasks is to ritualize them — build specific, inviolable times at which you do them, so that over time you do them without having to squander energy thinking about them.

The article about how to boot your willpower that it links to is really good as well.

Ahahaha! I’m icing cakes with 30 chicks and you fuckwits are showering together! You. MUST. watch. this!!

Just let you son be, don’t push him one way or another. That’s your kid, period….you’ve just got to love and support them, as rough as it can be in the world…home has to be stable.

I wanna be this chick. I wanna bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. Oh wait a minute. I ALREADY DO! Holla! Thanks 1908’s, for trailblazing for me.

Um…did he just play a trance song on his guitar? Dear lord, this is genius!

Did he just play a trance song on a guitar? brought to you by Free Funny Videos

OK, I’m off to go finalise the details for Rapture Art Party now! See you guys tomorrow!

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